MARKETING 1 – Survey Questions

6 Mar

Its alternate medicine so comes with its own set of pre conceived notions:unconventional, unorthodox, unproven,complementary, innovative, integrative being a few of them.
Seperate the positves from the negatives- highlight the positives on the cover.
Have information booklets disseminating information reducing the negatives inside the DVD jacket.

Common & Chronic are 2 of the reasons why people seek chiropractors- they are tired of the niggling and all-time pain. So apart from promoting the chiropractor you shd also consider adding the practical strategies for self-care and prevention.

While medicine is a science you can market this DVD as The Art & Science of Healthy Living.

Seem to be a lot of issues here:

– creating a survey
– designing a cover
– enlightening potential patients

I’ve never seen a chiropractor, and have no idea if I should.

To me, the issues would be:

– Is it safe? (Is this person any good?)]
– Are they a “real doctor” ?
– Can it help?
– How can I know if I should see a chiropractor?
– Will I need to go every week forever?
– Will this be covered by insurance?

I’m on the east coast, where we are not quite so “enlightened” about holistic medicine and all that. There is an underlying fear that a chiropractor who does not know what they are doing can make things much worse instead of better.

Do the survey would have been before creating the video… rather than (if I’m understanding this correctly) before designing the cover.

If the educational video is completed… do you have to do just one single cover? Couldn’t you do a couple covers,
focusing on different topics, for the same video, and see which ones folks pick up? Eventually – could you use some “core” material but produce some specific videos on, say, pregnancy, auto accidents, elderly, carpal tunnel, stress, whatever?

What’s the main benefit of seeing a chiropractor’? I guess that’s the main idea behind your dvd – educating people. Also, as I’m still young and not concerned with my overall health, is there a specific age when you should consider seeing a specialist? Do I need to be in pain to see one?

Results: Caring and Price are #1 and Safe Feeling #2 on main concern of seeing a chiropractor

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