6 Mar

The worthwhileness of any evolution depends on the soundness of the strategic plan.

But the strategic plan is dependent upon programs and projects being written to target form and which are doable within the resources available. Compliance is a done target. The person doing the target might not be aware of the overall strategic plan or how it fits into it, but I assure you that it is very poor management indeed whose targets do not all implement to one degree or another the overall strategic plan.

The upper planning body turns out a strategic plan. Middle management turns this strategic plan into tactical orders. They do this on a long-term basis and a short-term basis. When you get on down to the short-term basis you have your daily/weekly “to do’s”. These turn strategic planning into exact doable targets which are then executed in terms of motion and action for the immediate period being worked on and removing anything impeding it…resulting when good, into forward progress. Enough carried out successfully result in the reality of the overall strategic plan.

The “Art of War” is a good book to read for marketing and “playing the piano” of an organization from the top on down. Upper management knows how to play and can delegate to middle and lower management to control their zones of influence towards the whole.

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