18 Mar

Strategy is done at upper-echelon level, as, if it is to be effective, it must be done from an overview of the broad existing situation. Without more data on wht the company does or what products/services does the company perform, coming up with a clever use of resources or maneuvers to win your objective will be a bit of a guess. What strategic planning does is provide direction for the activities of all the lower echelons. All the tactical plans and programs and projects to be carried out at lower echelons in order to accomplish the objective stream down from the strategic plan at the top. it is the overall plan against which management can be effective and succeed.

My observation of your situation to be handled or goal to be met is to present a Communication Plan under the strategy of broadly getting key messages out to their public making them sought after and respected leaders in your field.

These 2 sites may help inspire your plans: http://h30294.www3.hp.com/hp/pub/changeartists?rd=9629

This is one form of communication that you can be involved with for innovative ideas. Or create a webinars or videos for topics the exec can share on the web or to introduce your conventions, seminars, etc.
Both give a final product but you can trace the string backwards and figure out how these products started with a concept of some communication plan.

Write down a list of where you want communications to occur whether it television ads, radio, talk shows, internet. It is a PR kinda world. These are ideal but to get them, it’s good to name the vias you want.

Have goals, travel, purpose behind the communications, fees, books to back it up if they are scribes, dvd’s – whatever media you like.

Start with a talk in the company first, then take it to the big leagues once the plan is aligned. Start with programs that you feel comfortable executing off of the plans and repeat the successful actions while you remove the stuff that didn’t contribute. I can send you the book on this.
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