18 Mar

The main ingredient in any PR program is reality. Communication implies that somebody is reached. PR is how your get others to work with you. Who or what public are you trying to communicate with for your public relations efforts? Do you want to apply your programs to newspapers, magazines, radio, TV or internet to cover mass media? Who are your publics?

PR has the high liability of abuse through lies and the degrade of its practitioner. But if one strictly attends to the values and truth, he will be able to communicate and can stand up to the strain. Never use lies in PR.

It’s best to start with your survey tech to get the reality level of your publics you want to reach to run your programs. This gets you closer to the things wanted and not wanted in all situations.

Do you need a program on handling rumors or run damage control?
I recommend a program on easing human relations and having successful PR with the use of manners and granting importance.
You can have a program on rituals if your consultants travel abroad.

Unless your purposes are made known and real, there is little reason for others to support your efforts. Public relations is the method one can use to get that support.

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