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Motion Graphics – Relaxing & Talented

15 Jul

In his book titled Digital Baroque: New Media Art and Cinematic Folds, Timothy Murray writes about a concept of time inspired by new media art, describing time as always “in-between,” always split between past and present, with one side twisting toward the past, the other launching itself toward the future. “To be ‘in’ the machinic state of time,” Murray writes, “is to be confronted with the touch, turn, vision, and thought of the interval, the in-between, as the recombinant turning of time.”

A compelling embodiment of this “recombinant turning of time” occurs in a lovely new music video by Vanessa Marzaroli for the Cinematic Orchestra’s “Lilac Wine,” a song originally written in 1950 and performed by artists as varied as Eartha Kitt and Nina Simone, and more recently by Jeff Buckley. The three-minute video opens with sweeping pen strokes as a camera glides backwards, words gently appear, and then a bird takes shape, crafted also by lines of black ink. Flowers, branches and delicate designs gradually come into clarity and then disappear, a peacock’s massive feathers shimmer, and the piece unfolds in a swirl of time as hints of story take shape.

“As I was reading the lyrics,” explains Marzaroli, a director at the Los Angeles-based multimedia design studio Blind, “it really felt like a love song, with someone expressing his or her thoughts. I liked that expression of the inner self, and it seemed like something that could be written in a journal, and I wondered, if it’s handwritten, how can you push this even further?”

Marzaroli has been trying to push things further for a long time. She grew up in a musical family in Los Angeles, where her family moved from Thailand in order to support the musical education of Marzaroli and her sister. She attended the LA County High School for the Arts. “I had always studied classical piano, but by high school, I was bored out of my mind!” she says. Marzaroli explains that the classical musicians in her school spent a lot of time alone practicing for hours and hours. The visual artists, on the other hand, would hang out together having fun: “They were always socializing, and they looked really cool, and so I switched to visual art. I just knew right away that I wanted to do some kind of graphic design.” She tried illustration for a while, and static design, but motion intrigued her the most. “I think I just have a short attention span. I wanted to work on things that were fast and exciting. I wanted to work with moving images, and I wanted to direct and work with other people.”

Vanessa Marzaroli’s amazing work reviewed by Holly Willis gives perfect insight into being an artist and creating future audiences.


9 Jul


The Earth Organization is working to bring micro organism technology into those areas affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Gulf oil spill relief campaignMicro Organism Technology – The Only Real Solution: The Simple Basics for People Who Don’t Know What It Is

In essence, this is a bacteria planet. They own it. They are all around us, all the time. It has been said they only allow us to live here by their good grace and because we are really useful for transporting them around! ALL life forms on this planet have developed a highly complex, partner relationship with micro organisms. The fact is we cannot live without them. If every micro organism was eradicated in your body in an instant, it is doubtful you would survive more than 24 hours; a few days at best. We have evolved with these organisms and rely on them to a degree that is almost completely unknown by the average person.

The truth is that there are a relatively very small percentage of micro organisms that are bad or that create or carry disease.  The rest are either completely neutral and are “followers” of either the good or bad micro organisms. Which ones they follow depends on how many of the good or bad micro organisms they are in contact with.  If they are in contact with a majority of “bad” micro organisms, they will begin to do what the bad micro organisms do – rot, putrefy, and break substances down.  If they are in contact with a majority of good micro organisms, they follow and do what the good micro organisms do – clean, rejuvenate, and bring health to the area.

Micro organisms are the primary converters on this planet. They change things. To relate this article specifically to the Gulf Coast oil spill, there are certain micro organism products which address the problem of an overwhelming amount of oil. The micro organisms actually eat and digest the oil, breaking it down into non-toxic substances and, when there is no more oil to eat, those micro organisms then die off themselves.

There has never been found a single bad side effect from this process and, in fact, there are many good side effects from it.  Not only will the oil be cleaned up, but there will be a rejuvenation of the health of the wildlife in the area, with a relatively quick resurgence of flora, fauna, and marine life, including shrimp, fish and oysters.  With a proper application of the micro organisms to an area, we’re talking a few weeks to a few months, not decades, to clean it up.

The same type of partnering relationship exists in any environment, be it a farm, an animal, marshlands, a river, or the ocean.  Micro organism products utilize specific combinations of these beneficial micro organisms that assist and aid life in its efforts to survive.

We invite you to help us get this technology widely implemented.  We need your financial support to get this done.  And we need your help in spreading this information broadly. To donate go to

They are raising $70,000. The “dispursant” that BP Oil is using is toxic and people swimming in it get blisters on their lips for one thing. There are SANE workable solutions so even if we don’t donate, pass it forward. Thank you! Let others know – it’s vital!

Source: Barbara Wiseman, President The Earth Organization

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social networking – interesting slideshow

7 Jul

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