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Relaxation ~ Sound Painting

25 Dec

Relaxation music is one of the most amazing ways to really influence my concentration and mood.

Before reading this post, I recommend you click here and listen to this music while reading…

I have found that Dan Gibson’s music, but also many other music styles with nature sounds, help relaxation and concentration by:

  • improving your breathing
  • relaxing tense muscles
  • improving your mood
  • helping your concentration

Of course, this is not all automatic. It takes time and patience. You need to dedicate sometime to the listening and learn how to improve your breathing and how to ‘follow the music’. Most of all, you need to learn to listen! Sounds obvious, but it is not! You also shouldn’t listen to it too loudly or too softly, as in the first case the music can be irritating and in the second case it is useless. Finally, I have also found that if I listen to it too often, it loses its effect on me. So I try to use it sparingly and not for too long,  just like taking a short holiday during my busy daily life!

These are cd covers of Dan Gibson’s music. He left us with an amazing amount of music and you can find it on this label Solitudes Some of his songs are on youTube. These relaxation sounds inspire me to meditate with our Gaia Minute group. Join us:

Snowing on WordPress – Where Snowflakes Come From

18 Dec

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Requesting to be friends on-line

8 Dec

Reflection of a heart

"friend" is used on the web as someone you'd like to connect to such as on facebook or other social network. It someone you have something in common with and to remain a friend, someone you can trust. It is derived from the word "love". As someone that has made a lot of friends on the web via WordPress, facebook and back when I started…myspace and somewhat within 140 characters on Twitter, I see the difference between someone I would like to meet in skin life and others I'd just like to be a part of their contributions on the web.

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