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18 Dec

Beautiful composition for a travel blog… Go to Writing Thru The Fog and discover the exciting places of these mystery dots: These photographs were taken primarily with my Canon G11. For image details, click on ‘Writing Thru The Fog link on any photograph to view in a slideshow, and peep the bottom right of each slide.



10 Dec

Light Writing / Love of Photography

4 Dec

writing with light

color wheelPhotographers must learn to make the picture talk.

The color wheel is constructed to help you see the relationships between different hues. The bases are three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. These are then combined to make the three secondary colors: orange, green, and purple. Finally, the remaining six colors on the wheel are known as tertiary colors and are mixes of the secondary colors, including such hues as red-orange and blue-green. Familiarizing yourself with the color wheel can help you understand how to best mix and match a cool color with a warm one, for a naturally balanced scene.

When I edit this piece I will share what a black background creates on the audience and what a white or lighter color background affects.

Light Writing…

“Life is light. You can make light do anything you want to. Photography means ‘light writing’. A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”~L.Ron Hubbard.
The work of Francis Bacon was cited. He is generally credited as the first to develop the concept of codification, i.e., that any subject may be systematically arranged according to its rules. And it was in that tradition he then proceeded to address art as a whole. When I first read this quote while on my Art Course, I went out and bought my first Nikon and Sony; then photographed & filmed life. This is Art from Amazon which codifies all art. I have used this book on all forms of art, photography, music, graphics and filmmaking and attest it to be the best. Honest!!!

Lens ~ Creativity & Imagination

Cameron at the Camera
I see creativity as the most powerful thing we own by using our imaginations to help on future realities. James Cameron gives good examples on helping to motivate ideas for the broad audiences world-wide. He is the director of Avatar, Titanic, Terminator, The Abyss and many other blockbusters. While his outsize films push the bounds of technology, they’re always anchored in human stories with heart and soul.

“He really does want us to risk our lives and limbs for the shot, but he doesn’t mind risking his own.” ~Sigourney Weaver

1. device for taking photographs: a device for taking photographs by letting light from an image fall briefly onto sensitized film, usually by means of a lens-and-shutter mechanism

2. device for making pictures: a device that converts images into electrical signals for television transmission, video recording, or digital storage. Derivation: [Early 18th century. Via Latin, “vault, chamber” < Greek kamara]

Light: #2 2. quality of light: a particular kind or quality of brightness; illuminate something: to illuminate, brighten, or shine on something;

Write: display something: to reveal or exhibit something clearly

exploring the bounds of creativity

Plan, Scheme, Plot with Vogue Photographer Tim Walker who has photographed with Vogue for over a decade. He used to be the assistant to Richard Avedon.

‘Sometimes when you’ve taken a photograph you are totally thrilled with, you feel like you are on the brink of discovering something totally amazing like one of life’s secrets. You are dancing on the electricity of passionate creativity.’

Naturally, it spoke to me, just like it will to anyone who’s ever created, be it a poem, a story, a painting or a song. We’ve all danced on that inertia electricity. Isn’t that the reason why we continue doing what we’re doing? It made me appreciate that colourful, fairytale-like world of Tim Walker and his most brilliant imaginative work.

Lens of Tim Walker


Gregory Colbert ~ creator ‘ashes and snow’

“What if there was a place that expressed our awe for nature. I’m usually just spending a lot of time with them, interacting, reassuring. I find this very important, to be able to take the time to create something in today’s fast-paced world. This is a key element in the ten year making of ashes and snow”

2012-12-04 11.48.37 am2012-12-04 11.49.56 am

These are some of my favorites as a copyist respecting the art of others I find inspire me to go out there and create too.