Fast Tips for Diets

24 Jun


So rather than diet for weight loss. Reconfigure your habits.

  • Portion size
    FAST TIP – Try eating from a smaller plate
  • Eat breakfast
    FAST TIP – Can’t stomach breakfast. Start with something small like a glass of Coconut Milk and slowly build up.
  • Eat slowly
    FAST TIP – Sit down and focus on eating. Don’t multitask and you will find yourself naturally slow down.
  • Don’t deprive
    FAST TIP – I find deprivation leads to gauging so just try to keep it balanced.
  • Eat Fibre
    FAST TIP – Try psyllium husk
  • Cut back on alcohol
    FAST TIP – Drink water in between drinks on a night out to cut down.
  • Protein
    FAST TIP – Try and have a little protein at every meal.
  • Choose low GI carbs GI stands for Glycemic Index
    FAST TIP – Try Quinoa
  • Fill up on water
    FAST TIP – Try adding lemon for flavor
  • Exercise
    FAST TIP – Everything counts so try to build some form of exercise into each day no matter how small it is.Being healthy is far more important than being a specific size. Not to mention, positive lifestyle choices make you healthy from the inside out. Making you glow with health a feature no deprivation diet will ever do. Our bodies thrive on a wide variety of nutrients. To focus on a healthy lifestyle is to focus on a better you. 
    I guarantee you will see an improvement in your exterior too.

Add successful books, exercises and organic natural foods and vitamins that work for you too.Image

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