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FCC Extends Net Neutrality Deadline After Website Crashes

15 Jul

Keep the Internet Free…


The Federal Communications Commission has extended a deadline for comments on proposed rules governing the future of the Internet after its website buckled under the pressure of the tens of thousands of comments on the matter submitted by the public.

The FCC has received more than 700,000 public comments through its online comment forms and an email inbox set up to handle the high number of messages. The website crashed on Tuesday, several hours before the public comment period was scheduled to close at midnight. The FCC announced that it would extend the comment deadline to Friday at midnight to accommodate the surge of last minute filings.

“Not surprisingly, we have seen an overwhelming surge in traffic in our website that is making it difficult for many people to file comments through our Electronic Filing System,” the FCC said in a statement.

Before the deadline changed, a consortium of net…

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Dmitri Hvorostovsky – beautiful man with a voice

12 Jul

2014071006.52.31amDmitri Hvorostovsky is not only the very best baritone on the planet, his acting in the song is flawless no matter what language. There is such depth and understanding to this art. Posted the video to come back and watch again and again. It is naturally gorgeous in performance. Thank you from the top chakra for this magic. Dmitri Hvorostovsky is not only the very best baritone on the planet, his acting in the song is flawless no matter what language. There is such depth and understanding to this art.

Figaro’s most unforgettable aria from Rossini’s Opera has the Italian to English translation with two choices. I like the first but the second is fun to read as well.lyricsfigero


Color in all things – visible and invisible

12 Jul

2014071002.44.22pmA prism is a magical study. It a transparent solid object which usually has a base in the shape of a triangle and three rectangular sides.

As a beam of light passes through the prism it is bent and changes direction. Different colors of light have different wavelengths, and the angle at which the light is bent depends on the wavelength. If a beam of white light–which contains all the wavelengths of visible light–passes through a prism, it spreads out to form a band of colors called a spectrum.

White light is light that appears to be white or have no color, such as the light from the sun, because it contains all wavelengths or colors of visible light, which combine to make white light.


absorbsWhite light, “not there” from what absorbs: a way of describing the primary colors–red, green and blue–by referring to the colors other than themselves (“not there“) that they absorb (take in without reflecting), that is cyan, magenta and yellow. White light can be understood as a combination of red, green and blue light. When white light hits an object, the object reflects its own color and absorbs all other colors that is, it takes in without reflecting the colors that are not it). We perceive the reflected light as the color of the object. For example, the color red reflects red light and absorbs green and blue, which together make cyan. In other words, the color red absorbs cyan from white light.

This is what I’ve learned from studying your spectrum poem. I am grateful for this knowledge. I made the graphics in Photoshop. The thing that amazes me the most is that there is all color in all things but the ones we don’t see in the objects around us are absorbed. I just see it as a miracle even though I know this is science. It is still poetry to me. I am going to do a bit more study on “Outside the Lines“.


A Video That Is Funny to Watch Again and Again

12 Jul


9 Jul

2014-07-09 01.58.18 am


I tried her code from her home site called Pretzi but it doesn’t post on WordPress. This is her site so you can interact with the buttons on this graphic made by Megan Kelly. She did a good job so I wanted to add it to my blogs to remember to find it for future reference. Thanks Megan.