Busy Helping Others…

27 Sep


In order to keep at least one post a month working on my blog I decided to let you know that I’ve become a true “nettie” helping create and build websites. I found a very cool template that resonated with me in bringing art and science together. I met a very ethical chiropractor and helped build two of his websites. One is for his patients… here’s the link:


and the other is for the rest of the world called:


Both, of course are on wordpress which is my favorite as it allows others to interact as users without feeling so confused.

So, on behalf of Dr. Kwang, feel free to put in a comment below so I can invite you to guest blog and he on yours and sign up for some of his health tips. He does Chinese Medicine and has invented a tea infusion that cures. It’s called Oxygen Tea. I’ve taken about 14 of them and love the healthiness I feel. His other one I’ve tried is Vitamin C Tea. It has 10,000 I.U. of “C” and most definitely is a perk me up that has the same effect as those that go to get a shot, except this … you drink. It does taste like the peel so I mix it with other things when I want to change. I’ve tried about 30 of them and have to attest they truly help.

Thanks for listening. Let me know if you need help with one of your blogs or websites.

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