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26 Feb
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11 Feb

Kathy Smith Productions LLC was founded by artist Kathy Smith in 1986 in order to handle her casting entertainment production, intellectual property, video content and collaborations. Kathy Smith is known mainly for her work as a graphic artist and documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles over the last 30 years, and prior to that as a musician in the Denver scene. Her many accomplishments over these years include her own gallery shows, the formation of the Just Say No Foundation in 1986, educating kids on street drugs. She has worked with helping to make stars in Hollywood through casting, which includes such luminaries as Elisabeth Moss, Bryan Cranston, Mila Kuna, Erica Christensen and more. This Lee O’Hara film won 3 “Best Documentary” awards in Film Festivals internationally and it was in this process that her interest in film became piqued. Next, Smith just finished an intro to CBS establishing another reality show to help broaden the sphere of influence into society, and mounting a new method of helping the world see Broadway from home… sadly! More to come!