Free Resources for Editing

FROM: inspiring teacher Larry Jorden of USC

Recommended Websites


Art of the Guillotine – This is a great site on editing, regardless of what software you use.

Boston Creative Pro User Group – The Final Cut Pro user group in Boston, which has expanded into general post-production issues.

Creative Cow – This site covers virtually every known creative tool. Worth visiting on a regular basis.

Digital Production BuZZ – Each week Creative Planet’s Digital Production BuZZ works to keep you in touch with trends and technologies, people and practices that you need to know to keep up to date with digital production, postproduction and distribution opportunities.

DoddleMe News – Daily updates on news and interviews from the media industry.

EditStock – Providing sample scenes and footage you can use to practice your edits.

FCP.CO – A newer web resource covering Final Cut Pro.

FilmIndependent – Non-profit arts organization that supports independent film and filmmakers.

Film Vault – Cirina Catania’s website.

The Greenlight Coach – Jessica Sitomer’s website on finding, getting, and keeping a job.  Jessica is a long-time job coach.

Indiewire – Movie news, reviews, union developments, and industry gossip. – Everything you never knew you never knew about Final Cut. Another outstanding site.

L.A. Creative Pro User Group – Everything you ever wanted to know about Final Cut. Excellent forums.

L. A. Post-Production Group – This user group covers all of post-production, without being tied to any specific software or hardware.

NoFilmSchool – Stories that make us better filmmakers — no film school required.

Philip Hodgetts Blog – Probably the most insightful blog on the post-production industry.

Post Magazine – A weekly magazine covering the entire post-production industry.

Post Perspective – Interesting interviews with filmmakers who matter.

Premiumbeat – Covering video production, filmmaking, video editing, post production & music.

SF Cutters – The Final Cut Pro user group in San Francisco, which has also expanded into general post-production issues.

2 Reel Guys – The art of making a film, without going to film school.

2 Reel Guys YouTube – This is the 2 Reel Guys playlist on YouTube – 13 more episodes coming soon. – This is the site that started it all. It presents more of the commercial side of the creative process.



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